Thursday, December 15, 2011

NanaWall on ADA Guidelines for Accessibility

During the 21 years that the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA) has been in effect, it has reduced discrimination against people with disabilities with regard to employment opportunities, public services, accommodations, transportation, and telecommunications. Most recently, President Barack Obama issued a proclamation addressing the importance of the ADA for creating equality for citizens with disabilities.

As a quality provider of windows, doors, and opening glass walls, NanaWall is proud to offer a selection of products that are ADA-/Egress-compliant. With a range of movable wall and sliding door systems that are ideal for people with disabilities that compromise mobility, NanaWall systems are an excellent alternative to basic doors and openings.


Over the years, there has been a review and refinement of ADA standards, resulting in today’s rules and specifications that offer a clear-cut view of what is expected of ADA-compliant products. Basic and revolving doors, turnstiles, and basic and double-leaf doorways must all meet certain access, exit, health code, and other accessibility requirements to ensure easy clearance for people with disabilities. Handles, pulls, latches, and other devices on ADA-compliant doors must be designed especially for ease of use and placed at a set height. Exterior- and interior-hinged, sliding, fire, automatic, and power-assisted doors must all meet certain criteria as well, including door-opening force specifications and measurements.


Because regulations and guidelines pertaining to the use of doors, storefronts, glazed windows, and partitions can vary from place to place, NanaWall encourages building owners, installers, or contractors to confirm their area’s applicable codes and regulations. Additionally, the NanaWall website offers a few basic guidelines generally used to separate ADA-compliant products from those that are not.

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